Welcome to PCN Entertainment, Where Nightlife and Stories Meet Advertising

Hello, we’re PCN Entertainment–we’d say nice to meet you but we’ve already met.

No, being an entity of PCN isn’t necessarily new. And over the past five years, with the combination of Loop Magazine, PCN Music, and PCN Nightlife, and more, we have amassed into an nightlife advertising powerhouse. So, we’ve come to a point where it was time to let the industry, our clients, and everyone know: We are the fastest growing nightlife advertising company in the game with a name that represents us as such. We are PCN Entertainment.

We’ve made some big changes around here but our goal has always been the same: to be the best we can be for our advertisers. How? By offering exclusive content, an unmatched product suite, first-to-market measurement solutions, and the best customer service around. And today, we’re more confident than ever in that.

Loop Magazine

The most trusted voice in luxury nightlife entertainment. Loop Magazine is the voice of nightlife published by PCN Entertainment. We cover all things luxury from clubs and bars to restaurants and dining to music venues and concert halls to couture clothing stores. 

PCN Music

The music of nightlife–building and supporting music talent in nightlife entertainment. We harness the power of our ecosystem, community, technology and deep industry network to support world class DJs.

PCN Nightlife

A nightlife community for creatives to discover, connect, & experience more life together. Build a deep connection with our curated recommendations to intimate gatherings around your city, in person with our live events, and with our dedicated PCN team who introduces you to PCN members and suggested groups.

Live Experience

A lineup of unforgettable IRL experiences, including the Hotel House Sessions, Loop Experiences and much, much more. From exclusive mini concerts to industry happy hours, brands can get in front of live fans and offer them the experiences of a lifetime.

Just a powerful name to represent the most powerful nightlife offering in the industry. 

Now that you’re all inspired, drop us a line.

Meet the fastest growing ad-supported audience in nightlife.