Want the simple facts? Check out our FAQs to help answer any questions you may have. If you walk away with only one thing, it’s this: We are the most dynamic nightlife portfolio in the business.

We’re a media company that’s serious about nightlife. Our dynamic portfolio of websites, content platforms and live content captivates audiences however and wherever they play, dine, and socialize.​

PCN Entertainment is the media group that provides advertisers exclusive access to the platforms, programs, and publishers under the PCN umbrella. With a versatile portfolio of content platforms, podcasts, and live programming, we unlock a vibrant world of nightlife for advertisers to reach audiences from every corner of pop culture.

We are the fastest growing in nightlife entertainment, delivering the best in editorial, video, podcasts, and other programming to thousands of readers across North America. Our goal is to connect you with your most valuable audiences, period. That’s why we united the biggest nightlife players in the game—and continue to build upon our platforms with exclusive access to our ecosystem like PCN Nightlife, PCN Music, and Loop Magazine.

We don’t just reach thousands of readers—we help you connect with them in meaningful ways across editorial, digital video, and podcasting. PCN Entertainment reaches consumers where they socialize and most engaged across our nightlife ecosystem. Advertisers who want to grow their business can reach a scaled, unduplicated audience of 85 thousand monthly readers who are highly engaged and receptive to ads.

  • Loop Magazine: Loop Magazine is the most trusted voice of nightlife published by PCN Entertainment. We cover all things luxury from clubs and bars to restaurants and dining to music venues and concert halls to couture clothing stores.
  • PCN Nightlife: The best space for creatives to discover, connect, & experience more life together with our carefully curated recommendations to the best intimate nightlife experiences for the most discerned nightlife goers. 
  • PCN Music: The music of nightlife. We harness the power of our ecosystem, community, technology and deep industry network to support world class DJs.

Our expansive suite of ad solutions ensures you’re powering impactful moments both on and off platform—building true connections along the way. We have solutions that meet every campaign objective, tap into our suite of editorial, video and display ad solutions proven to captivate audiences and deliver serious results.

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From ideation to execution, we’re here to help you through the entire process, whatever you need. Get in touch today and let’s partner to build an effective nightlife strategy that reaches your most valuable audiences. To get started, fill out this form.

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You’re in luck! Qualifying advertisers can partner with on in-house creative agency to produce your campaign for you. Lean on our team of experts who combine creativity, data, science and nightlife to guide your brand to success.

Ads pricing varies based on where you are looking to run your campaign. We work with advertisers of all sizes, budget or objective to meet your campaign goal. To learn more, fill out this form.

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Yes! While we make it easy for you to run a single campaign across our entire nightlife ecosystem with one buy, we can also work with you to tailor your ad buy to the perfect package that’s right for you. Whether you’re looking to run display ads on Loop Magazine only, or seeking a solution that maximizes reach among female nightlife goers, or a combination of the two, we have the right targeting and ad solutions available for you.

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Have other questions?

Have other questions?

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