How Cross-Industry Collaborations Can Supercharge Growth With Chaz Pringle, SKNMUSE

Welcome to How To Be A Host podcast, hosted by Charles Ewudo. The show features experts, veterans, movers, and shakers in the nightlife and hospitality worlds here to show you everything you need to know about hosting a party.

My next guest, Chaz Pringle is the head of partnerships for the premium beauty brand SKNMUSE. He is someone that understands how cross-industry collaboration can be used to deliver innovative brand experiences that resonates with customers. Our conversation revolved around the importance of cultural relevance in the beauty industry, particularly for the brand SKNMUSE. Chaz discussed the challenges faced by the industry during economic uncertainty and the need to focus on driving growth, reducing costs, and staying lean. He also highlighted the power of experiential activations in fostering strong emotional connections and building a community.

Additionally, Chaz emphasized the importance of collaborating with adjacent industries to amplify their brand and reach new audiences. Overall, our conversation emphasized on the creativity and innovation required in the beauty sector of business to navigate the space effectively.

"The first thing that I will say is that experiential activations are powerful. The strategy of engaging customers on a deeper level, creating memorable brand experiences, and fostering strong emotional connections is always at the helm of my thoughts."

Chaz identified that there is a big opportunity for brands to tap into nightlife culture and really can connect with nightlife consumers in a real way. They have both high intent and the purchasing power that actually buy from brands they love. Brands need to know that these consumers care deeply about their appearance, they care so much about the way they look, the way they dress, and the way they feel. So that’s a massive opportunity to really reach an audience that’s already primed to shop and buy. 

Highlight: Chaz talks about his plans to continue to invest in partnership with nightlife/hospitality, “I’m confident to say that we will be having a another experience at The Highlight Room this year. So that’s super exciting, and how we will magnify or amplify our voice in our day with them.”

Nightlife is a highly segmented space and hard to navigate. Understanding how to harness the power of this audience to get what you want from a brand side requires a special skill set and know-how to navigate. Brands need to have the right nightlife partner that can drive optimal results.

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