Dream Hotel: How It Became A Global Nightlife Mecca With Managing Director, Vaughn Davis

Welcome to How To Be A Host podcast, hosted by Charles Ewudo. The show features experts, veterans, movers, and shakers in the nightlife and hospitality worlds here to show you everything you need to know about hosting a party.

Meet Vaughn Davis, Managing Director at Dream Hollywood Hotel, overseeing the overall operations. In this episode, Vaughn explains how The Dream Hotel became today’s hot travel and nightlife destination. Everything that’s a part of the design story of the hotel was built out by the team – in partnership with Rockwell. Together, they built a very unique story in every aspect of the hotel design.

From the outside looking in, it’s easy to believe the nightlife and hospitality industry is all optics. But there are a lot of moving parts, a lot of strategy, and ultimately comes down to execution. Within this industry, you have to be you have to be nimble and agile because there are an immense amount of other hotels that are also competing for the same eyeballs.

“We're in the same game as the social media companies competing for attention, eyeballs, you get the eyeballs you get the guest in a building”

Dream Hollywood Hotel designed all of our food and beverage outlets, intelligently with the understanding that it should be a dynamic space as opposed to a static space. “We have a belief system that nothing in the cosmos is static, everything moves even down to like a subatomic level, everything moves constantly migrating.”

They have the range to have fully seated dinners at their restaurants, or they can close down the restaurant, remove all the furniture completely change the look and feel of the space, and turn it into a massive event. “So what you can expect is an elevated experience with the best food and beverage programming and an extremely efficient team that will be hyper-focused on ensuring that your event goes off without a hitch.”

Vaughn also understands to power of leveraging strategic partnerships to elevate events and drive overall growth. He doesn’t shy away from collaborating with strategic partners to bring big events to life.

“Relationships are everything. As you continue to build relationships within your specific field or sector, you must continue to develop those relationships, because you’ll never know when they’ll pick up the phone and call you and say – hey, I want to do a full gifting suite, with Puma, at your guesthouse and your presidential suite. This had I think, close to a 10 million reach on social media.”

Highlight: Understanding the importance of relationships and partnerships in executing high-level events and programming. Vaughn demonstrates how cross-industry collaboration continues to be a driving force for growth.

Dream Hollywood Hotel’s events team prioritizes unique experiences for guests, working with strategic partners and programming daily events to create an elevated atmosphere. Check out more thought-provoking conversations on How to be a Host hub.

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